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5 inch Single Slip-on Exhaust 11-22 Polaris Sportsman Performance Series MBRP

Manufacturer: MBRP
Manufacturer part number: AT-9526PT
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Vehicle Fitments
PolarisSportsman Forest 85020112014
PolarisSportsman 550 X220112013
PolarisSportsman 800 EFI 6x6 Big Boss20112011
PolarisSportsman 850 EFI Touring EPS20112011
PolarisSportsman Forest 55020112014
PolarisSportsman 550 EFI w/ EPS20112011
PolarisSportsman 550 EPS Browning LE20112014
PolarisSportsman 850 EFI XP20112011
PolarisSportsman 850 EFI XP w/ EPS20112011
PolarisSportsman 850 EFI X220112011
PolarisSportsman Forest Tractor 50020112013
PolarisSportsman 800 EFI20112014
PolarisSportsman 550 EFI Touring w/ EPS20112011
PolarisSportsman 400 HO20112014
PolarisSportsman 500 HO Touring20112013
PolarisSportsman 9020112014
PolarisSportsman 500 HO20112013
PolarisSportsman 550 EFI20112011
PolarisSportsman Forest 50020112013
PolarisSportsman 850 HO XP EPS Orange Madness LE20122012
PolarisSportsman 850 HO Touring EPS20122014
PolarisSportsman Forest 800 6x620122014
PolarisSportsman 550 EPS20122014
PolarisSportsman 500 HO Polaris Pursuite LE20122012
PolarisSportsman 550 Touring EPS20122014
PolarisSportsman Forest 80020122014
PolarisSportsman 850 HO XP EPS Browning LE20122014
PolarisSportsman 550 EPS Orange Madness LE20122012
PolarisSportsman 850 HO Touring EPS Bronze Mist LE20122012
PolarisSportsman 55020122013
PolarisSportsman 850 HO XP EPS20122014
PolarisSportsman 850 HO XP20122013
PolarisSportsman 800 6x6 Big Boss20122014
PolarisSportsman 850 HO Touring EPS Sunset Red LE20132013
PolarisSportsman 550 EPS Stealth Black LE20132013
PolarisSportsman 850 HO XP EPS Stealth Black LE20132013
PolarisSportsman 400 HO South Edition20132014
PolarisSportsman WV850 HO20142014
PolarisSportsman 850 HO XP EPS Pearl White LE20142014
PolarisSportsman 57020142022
PolarisSportsman ACE20142015
PolarisSportsman 570 EPS20142022
PolarisSportsman Forest 57020142014
PolarisSportsman 570 Touring20142022
PolarisSportsman 850 HO Touring EPS Bronze Mist LE20142014
PolarisSportsman 550 X2 EPS20142014
PolarisSportsman ACE 570 SP20152015
PolarisSportsman 570 SP Hunters Edition20152019
PolarisSportsman 570 Touring SP20152019
PolarisSportsman 1000 XP20152019
PolarisSportsman 570 X2 EPS20152019
PolarisSportsman ETX20152015
PolarisSportsman 850 SP20152019
PolarisSportsman 570 Touring EPS20152022
PolarisSportsman ACE 57020152015
PolarisSportsman 85020152022
PolarisSportsman 570 SP20152019
PolarisSportsman 1000 Touring XP20152022
PolarisSportsman 850 Touring SP20152019
PolarisSportsman 850 High Lifter Edition20162022
PolarisSportsman 1000 Touring XP Limited20162016
PolarisSportsman 450 HO20162022
PolarisSportsman 1000 XP Hunter Edition20162022
PolarisSportsman 1000 XP High Lifter Edition20162022
PolarisSportsman 450 HO EPS20162022
PolarisSportsman 110 EFI20162022
PolarisSportsman 570 EPS Utility Edition20172019
PolarisSportsman 570 Big Boss 6x6 EPS20172018
PolarisSportsman 450 HO Utility Edition20172019
PolarisSportsman 570 6x620192022
PolarisSportsman 570 Hunter Edition20202022
PolarisSportsman 570 X220202021
PolarisSportsman 570 Premium20202022
PolarisSportsman 1000 XP Premium20202020
PolarisSportsman 850 Premium20202022
PolarisSportsman 570 Touring Premium20202022
PolarisSportsman 1000 XP S20202022
PolarisSportsman 850 Touring20202022
PolarisSportsman 1000 XP20212021
PolarisSportsman 570 Ultimate Trail LE20212021
PolarisSportsman MV85020212021
PolarisSportsman 570 Utility HD LE20212021
PolarisSportsman 570 Trail20212022
PolarisSportsman 450 HO Utility Edition20222022
PolarisSportsman 570 EPS Utility Edition20222022
PolarisSportsman 1000 XP Ultimate Trail20222022
PolarisSportsman 850 Ultimate Trail20222022
PolarisSportsman 570 Utility HD20222022
PolarisSportsman 570 Ride Command Limited Edition20222022
PolarisSportsman 1000 XP Ride Command Edition20222022

5 inch Single Slip-on Exhaust, Performance Series. We have an extensive line of ATV systems, ranging from 1984 up to current model year. Our ATV systems deliver a clean enhanced exhaust note. Our goal is to cater our product line to riders and enthusiasts looking for either a replacement muffler with a minimal sound difference - to a mild, increase in sound and performance, up to an enhanced, bit more aggressive note for the customers wanting the most in power and sound. MBRP's ATV performance muffler.

A true performance exhausts sound, maximum flow - while keeping similar characteristics of our sport and utility series, while delivering a clean and crisp sound.

  • Slip-on Installation
  • 2.5 inch Polished 304 Tip
  • Enhanced Exhaust Tone
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction with Aluminum End Cap.
  • 2011-2022 Polaris Sportsman Touring 850
  • 2017-2022 Polaris Sportsman Touring 1000/ 1000XP
Products specifications
Country of OriginCanada
Sold AsEach
SeriesPerformance Series
Size5.0 inch
Youtube Video
Installation Instructions
Proposition 65 Warnings

CALIFORNIA WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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