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Whether you are looking for just a simple wash and wax, or a full-service detail, at North Lighting Concepts LLC in Presque Isle, ME, we have you covered! 
From cars to trucks, motorcycles, sleds, and even ATV/UTVs, we can get your ride having the shine of its life. 

We have a few packages to offer, and a selection of add-on services.


The Basic!



The basic detail is perfect for those vehicles that are generally not that dirty, and need just the basic detailing to look great. We start with the interior and vacuum the rugs, wipe down all surfaces including the center consoles, dash, doors, and door jams. 
We then carefully hand wash your vehicle with our two-bucket method ensuring the best possible finish. We top it all off with a carnuaba wax for the ultimate shine. 


The Next Level!



We take the basic package and bring it to the next level. We add in a few extras and really bring out the shine. 
In addition to the basic package above, we also apply a bug/ tar remover to take care of all those caked-on debris, finish it up with a clay bar treatment to remove any leftover contaminants to create a sparkling clean surface, and then finish it up with our one and done polish combo. We clean the wheels, tires vehicle trim. 
We top it all off with a sealer wax. 

We take the interior to the next level by steam cleaning the interior, eliminating germs, debris and dust in the process. A shampoo treatment is applied to the rug if needed for a deep clean and any leather is cleaned where applicable. Floor mats are washed. All dash surfaces are coated with a UV protectant. 


Finish It!



The Finish It package is exactly as it says, we finish everything. In addition to the above, we coat any leather with a protectant. Cloth seats are treated with a scotch guard, and take our correction to the next level finish, by providing a machine polish and a 1 year ceramic coating by SB3. 



The Ultimate!


If you are like me, and you want absolutely the best for your vehicle and you want to ensure it's getting the best treatment, and the maximum shine, the Ultimate detail is for you. This involves everything from above, but we take it to the ultimate finish by compounding and polishing your paint to a mirror shine and coating it with a ceramic coating giving it the ultimate protection and durability. Our professional-grade ceramic coating made by SB3 and you can choose a 2 year, 3 year or 5 year coating with a warranty.
What better way to ensure your car looks as good as the day you bought it, year after year, then a ceramic coating by SB3.


Simple Services

If you are just looking for a specific treatment for your vehicle and do not need any of the packages above, take a look below at our selection of Simple Services: 

Hand Wash

Starting at $25, we hand wash the exterior with our 2 bucket method to ensure the best possible clean. Best for maintaining that excellent shine in between services. 

Hand Wash and Wax

Starting at $85, we hand wash your vehicle and apply a coat of wax to really bring out the shine. Best for vehicles that are generally not that dirty on the interior and are not in need of any cleaning. 

Interior Only

Starting at $125, we vacuum the rug, shampoo, and wipe down all the surfaces. We leave the exterior for another time. This package is best suited for vehicles that generally stay clean on the outside, but struggle to stay clean on the inside. 

Headlight Revitalization 

If you have headlights that are cloudy or yellow, check with us first. We may be able to save you a replacement fee. Starting at $25 per headlight, we polish and correct the headlight lens to remove oxidation and bring the clarity back. We then apply a protectant coating. 

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