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Welcome to North Lighting Concepts, your premier destination for exceptional auto accessory services near Presque Isle, ME. Our expertise includes everything from seamless remote start setups to high-end car audio systems, as well as unique retrofitting and brilliant LED lighting.

Expert Retrofitting Services

Experience unmatched retrofitting services in Presque Isle, ME. Tailored for the harsh Maine winters, we enhance your car’s headlights for safer travel through Presque Isle’s cold nights. Our professionals develop customized solutions by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and their local experience.

LED Lighting Solutions

Our LED lighting solutions provide efficiency and safety in addition to aesthetics. Enjoy brighter illumination with less power consumption with the extensive selection of LED solutions offered by North Lighting Concepts. For safer winter driving, improve your car’s appearance and visibility on Presque Isle roadways.

Premium Car Audio Systems

Upgrade your driving pleasure with North Lighting Concepts’ top-notch automobile audio systems. For calls, podcasts, and music, our professionals in Maine stay up to date on the newest advancements in audio technology. We provide customized solutions ranging from basic speaker replacements to full audio makeovers.

Remote Start Systems

Enhance your comfort and convenience with our remote start systems. Warm up your car from the comfort of your home in Presque Isle, ensuring your engine’s health in extreme temperatures. This small upgrade can significantly improve your daily driving experience.

Why Choose North Lighting Concepts?

Community Focused

We're dedicated to Presque Isle, providing goods and services that improve the standard of living for our clients and boost the local economy.

Quality and Satisfaction

Our dedication to top-notch service ensures you get the best possible enhancement for your vehicle.

Local Partnership

We support the economic vibrancy of Presque Isle by collaborating with local suppliers.

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North Lighting Concepts in Presque Isle, ME, is here to transform your vehicle. Visit us online at North Lighting Concepts to explore our services or book a consultation. Let us make your vehicle a testament to style, safety, and sophistication.


Got a question? We’re here to help.

How much does it cost to install LED lights in a car?

Depending on the type of LED lights and the complexity of the installation, it ranges from $50 to $200 for basic kits and installations.

Installing ambient lighting in a car typically costs between $100 and $250, depending on the system’s complexity and the vehicle model.

Yes, you can install LED lights in your car. To prevent malfunctions or diminished functioning, it is imperative to confirm that the LED bulbs are appropriate for the model and headlight housing of your car.

The average cost for having a remote start system installed ranges from $150 to $500

Brands like Viper, Compustar, and Avital are highly regarded for their quality, reliability, and advanced features in remote car starters.

When the engine is not used for a predefined amount of time, usually between 5 and 20 minutes, most remote start systems cause the automobile to automatically turn off.

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