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Are you looking for the latest automotive electronics in Presque Isle or searching for the best car electronics near me? You’ve come to the right place.  At North Lighting Concepts, we specialize in a wide range of electronics services, focusing on auto electronics technology and providing excellent car care.

Auto Electronics Technology

Auto electronics is dramatically transforming the automotive landscape, making vehicles smarter, safer, and more enjoyable to drive. From autonomous driving aids and adaptive cruise control to advanced entertainment systems, modern cars are filled with electronics. 

North Lighting Concepts excels in vehicle electronics with its cutting-edge technologies and comprehensive solutions. Advanced navigation systems and high-fidelity audio installations enhance your driving experience.

Electronics Services At North Lighting Concepts

We provide a broad spectrum of electronics services to cater to all your needs. By searching for electronics near me, you’ll find that North Lighting Concepts is the top choice for reliable and efficient electronics services in Presque Isle.


Advanced Navigation Systems

With real-time traffic updates, route optimization, and other features, you may navigate with ease using the newest GPS technology.


High-Fidelity Audio Systems

Enhance your listening pleasure with top-notch sound systems that vividly and subtly reproduce your favorite songs.


Remote Starters and Security Systems

Modern alarm systems and remote starters provide security and convenience while providing comfort and peace of mind.


Rear View Cameras and Parking Assistance

Install parking assistance and rear-view cameras in your car for easier and safer parking.


LED and Xenon Lighting

Upgrade your car’s appearance and increase visibility with high-intensity LED or Xenon lights that use less energy.

Why Choose North Lighting Concepts?

Choosing North Lighting Concepts for your electronics needs comes with numerous benefits:


Our staff has extensive experience in a range of electronics-related fields, so you can be sure to receive competent assistance.


We ensure customer pleasure and dependability by stocking and installing only the best items available.


We provide specialized solutions that precisely meet your needs, since we recognize that every customer has different wants.

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Ready to explore the best in electronics? Contact North Lighting Concepts today. Whether you’re after the best electronics near me or seeking specialized automotive electronics solutions, we’re here to help.


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Is it easy to install your own car stereo?

It depends on how technical you are and how complicated the car is. While some people could find it easy, others might need help from a professional.

Usually falling between $150 to $800, the price varies greatly and does not include the cost of the touch screen itself.

Yes, you can install a screen in most old cars, but it may require additional adapters or a custom dash kit.

Depending on the intricacy of the system, the installation of a simple stereo system might range from $100 to $1,000, including materials and labor.

Yes, you can install an aftermarket sound system that supports Apple CarPlay if your car does not currently have it.

Yes, It is possible to install modern radios in older automobiles, albeit doing so frequently calls for the installation of a dash adapter kit.

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