Customer Show Case (Subaru Crosstrek)

Welcome to our first customer show case! 
This customer of ours purchased an Auxbeam 8 Panel Switch and an SSC2 Ditch Light Kit from Diode Dynamics from us and installed them for some serious light output! 

They also installed some SS3 fog lights to compliment all that extra lighting. 

The customer advised us that the Auxbeam 8 gang switch panel in green was installed and the SSC2 and PIAA lights were all wired to the Auxbeam switch panel. With tons of options for switch lables you can bet that you can find the one for your applicatioon as this customer was able to do. 

The benefits to the swich panel were that the customer dramatically reduced the amount of wires they had to run into the cabin, through the firewall. The harneses from the lights could be wired directly to the auxbeam relay panel as shown in the photo below. 

With a built in breaker as well as fuses at each switch and a direct 8awg feed to the battery, you can bet that their engine bay is cleaner and that future installs are sure to be quick and smooth. 

If you need help selecting a product or simply need install guidance, reach out to us and we can get you set up like this customer in no time at all. 

Stay tuned for more blog posts from real customers like yourself in the future!

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