Customer Showcase (2017 Toyota Tacoma)

Wecome back to another customer showcase.

This customer has been a longtime customer of ours and has outfitted his Tacoma with plenty of Diode Dynamics goodies. 

Lets talk about the build!

2017 Toyota Tacoma, running stock headlights with the Diode Dynamics SL1 H11s in the low beam spot Find the SL1 Bulbs Here!. They have completly removed the oem foglights and replaced them with SS3 Sport Fogs for the Tacoma, with a plug and play kit. 

For auxillary lighting they are running Diode Dynamics SS3 Sports with a ditch light kit for the Tacoma. Diode Dynamics SSC2 SAE beam pattern for additional rear back lights.

Take a look at that light outpit from such a little pod!

They are running the SSC2 reverse light kit from Diode Dynamics in the rear.

There is not much you are going to miss when backing up with a set of those reverse lights. 

All these lights are connected to an Auxbeam Switch Panel.

Take a look at the wiring harness you get.

The customer sent is some photos of they installed the fuse panel box in the engine bay. 

We are always looking to showcase our customer installs, so if you purchase an item from us and want to be featured just send us a message or email us install photos and we would be happy to showcase your vehicle and build. 

Stay tuned for the next customer showcase!

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